Here are my current triggers and how well they work at the moment. If a trigger is hidden, it is to prevent people from misusing them, but the ones that don’t work yet, can’t be used without my permission or that not just anyone can use are listed.

*Update* It’s been so long since I’ve been hypnotized or used any of these triggers that I am returning them all to 0% working until I have a chance to test them again.

Current # of Triggers: 7

hypno fun (from hypnotist and bubble induction) – Working 00%
(induction trigger)

flowers (from Mistress Keiki, only usable by her) – Working 00%
(induction trigger)

sleepy time for you (from hypnotist) – Working 00%
(induction trigger)

sleepy Time (from calimores deep trance trigger mp3, only usable with my permission) – Working 00%
(induction trigger)

good girl doll (from Mistress Keiki, only usable by her) – Working 00%
(turns me on and makes me tingle all over)

Rubber doll tami activate (from Mistress Keiki, only usable by her) – Working 00%
(robot induction trigger)

Just watching (from hypnotist, only usable by him) – Working 00%
(I see myself shaved bound and struggling in a rubber catsuit and straight jacket, but all I can do is watch. The more I watch though the more I am turned on by seeing myself in that situation)


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